[love] why facebook rules

It’s a shame WordPress isn’t much like Tumblr or Pinterest, in that it is kind of involved to post anything (still learning!) and I can’t just pin stuff whenever I feel like. But I loved this meme too much to ignore it — and this is why I love Facebook. (For a more extensive post on the subject I wrote a little while back, go here.)

Don’t you think this is exactly in line with my “love over fear” theme? What I always say to people who say their FB newsfeeds just annoy them is that I create my newsfeed very intentionally to ensure that the material I am exposed to is positive and inspiring. (This also helps me use social media in an empowering way in business.)

Thanks to http://www.facebook.com/holistichealthcaregroup

Thanks to http://www.facebook.com/holistichealthcaregroup

I also really liked this one from earlier today:

Thanks to the folks at http://www.facebook.com/SuperheroYou

Thanks to the folks at http://www.facebook.com/SuperheroYou

Let these insights be a gentle reminder; I know they certainly help me!

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  1. Love the Katrina Mayer quote!

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