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coming up for air – a return to what matters

*crickets* *crickets*

I’ve taken a seemingly infinite hiatus.

This has been a problem — not only for you, my cherished readers, but mostly, and ironically, for me. I mean, have I seriously not posted a thing since 2013?! Wow.

The truth is, I’ve been going through a heavy period of transition. As cliché and overhyped as “I’m finding myself” may sound, it’s honestly been what I’ve been doing.

It’s still too early to go into much detail — kind of like touching too much after having just applied nail polish — but I recently parted ways with a job that I was convinced I was in love with for a good year and a half.


But the truth has its way of revealing itself, and it was that my blind devotion to this job was unsustainable, and that it had changed over time. A lot. Much like the proverbial frog in the pot of water, slowly coming to a boil, I found myself drowning in a hot mess. It was so bad that there would be days I would wake up and find myself in a panic because my phone was blowing up with work-related emergencies.

Mind you, I wasn’t a paramedic. There was no such thing as a true emergency within the confines of that job. As time slips into the gap between my time there and now, I become a little more sober, a little more capable of understanding exactly what went wrong. It’s too soon to dive into it now, as I still feel rather vulnerable and I’m still processing the emotions.

But you know what’s really exciting? This means I now get to focus on me and my purpose for real. Which means that I now will be making the time to write: write for you here, write on Rehab Revolution, finish my memoir, launch my podcast . . .

A lot of really amazing things stirring up in the creative vortex that is my mind and my heart. I have a lot of ideas in the works. As a multi-passionate person, I struggle a bit at focusing on one thing at a time, but that’s exactly what I’ll have to do.

Baby steps. I feel called to finally raise my voice and start working on my message, my mission. I’ve broken the silence. It’s time for me to be seen and be heard.

It feels more than good to relaunch. My past does not have to define my future — take this and apply it to whatever you need.

Whatever your soul’s been urging you to do all these days, weeks, months . . . do it. Even if it’s just a single step.

That’s what I’m doing. Are you in?

Tell me what action you’re going to take today to take you just that much closer to an inspiring future — leave a comment!

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(By the way, I plan to redesign the blog so it isn’t so boring.)