taking care of business: I’ve figured out my main focus!

. . . It's about time!
. . . It’s about time!

Hey everyone. It’s been a superlong while (embarrassingly long!) since I last posted to this blog, mainly because I was always a little unclear about what I wanted to blog about on it. I’ve finally come to a conclusion: I’d like to mainly focus on the general topic of “business” here — which doesn’t mean there will be a shortage of book reviews, opinion pieces, or the miscellaneous musing, but I’d like to keep the gist oriented on business.

Reason being, I’m an entrepreneur. As my (Internet) mentor Marie Forleo (of the previous post) says, I’m “multi-passionate,” which means I’m not JUST a writer, or JUST an accessories stylist, JUST a photographer. I’m a multidimensional girl with multidimensional and often contradictory interests (I love theatre, fashion, animals, fine art, spirituality — but also medicine, physics, and talking about stroke and disability, whaat?), so I don’t only do one thing. Even my Rehab Revolution blog (which I tend to far more regularly than this one up till now) which originally started as a resource for other traumatic brain injury survivors to use for ideas in physical rehab has veered off into that as well as a place for me to explore deeper aspects, like the long-term effects of lifechanging trauma on your romantic relationship (or search of one).

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I’m going to do my best to keep the focus of this blog on life as an entrepreneur. Personally and specifically, I own a network marketing jewelry business with Premier Designs. I am also a freelance writer (aspiring author!) as well as a budding photographer. My most “trackable” experience as a businesswoman is in my jewelry business, so my advice will likely be geared mostly to network marketing tips and insights. Though I am constantly absorbing general business information via sources like Entrepreneur, Success magazine, amazing business and life coach Brendon Burchard, and the aforementioned Marie Forleo — as well as other leaders in the area of business. So hopefully I can provide you some value.

I have always wanted to maintain a blog under my own name, not only out of narcissism (I kid . . . mostly), but because I can’t think of a better way to represent what I do under a single umbrella. (I do the same thing for the majority of my social media accounts, e.g., my Twitter handle is @ciaoPamela.) If you’d like to follow my other blogs, here they are:

Premier Pamela – your personal accessories stylist

Rehab Revolution – exploring the journey towards healing + awareness

Mei Shung – the blog for my parents’ restaurant in the North Side of Chicago (precisely, Edgewater), which I write from my point of view.

Wednesday Arts Section – this is was supposed to be a collective with my group of friends, but we have become so lazy lately that it has fallen into the depths of Neglected Blog Land. I have plans to transform it into a food blog, however, so check back later (perhaps way later).

I’m getting really excited to write my much-anticipated post on the (seemingly) scary world of NETWORKING, so I’ll wrap up here — two posts in one day?! Can it be?? That’s like 8000% my normal posting rate! Hahaha.

I know you’re skeptical. “C’mon, Pamela, you always say ‘I’ll post soon,’ or ‘I’ll post X many times a week,’ but you never do.”

Give me some credit! I’m nothing if not an idea machine. And a writer. Eventually, the ideas just start leaking out of my ears if I don’t get them down, so you can definitely anticipate more regular posts on this blog now that I know what it’s supposed to be about.

My mantra for 2013 is “love over fear.” Think about this as I move on to my next article . . .

Keep it real,

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