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[rant] Express corporate copywriter doesn’t deserve his job

Remember what I said about grammar errors being a telltale sign of a small company? I sincerely cannot even believe this happened, but Express — the national clothing chain, one I’ve frequented since I was 12 — sent me this e-mail this morning.


Seriously? I actually read this multiple times to make sure I wasn’t just seeing things.

The critique has nothing to do with their new points/rewards program. The fact that a huge national brand has a copywriter who was ¬†either unskilled enough to not know the difference between your and you’re or was too “n00bish” to not proofread is just about unforgivable.

A small crime in the grand scheme of potential worldly evils, to be sure. But this is utterly inappropriate for the number of eyes that are going to read this e-mail. As a fellow writer, marketer, and copywriter, I dare say that whoever wrote that on Express’s behalf deserves to be sacked.

Or at least put on probation. Only because it was St. Patrick’s Day when I received it and perhaps it was a result of partying a bit too hard before submitting it — but this person broke some major writing laws, and there should absolutely be consequences apart from my unbelieving eyes and rolling jaw.

Too cute not to share. From Facebook (found on Small Pet Select's page), naturally.

Too cute not to share. From Facebook (found on Small Pet Select’s page), naturally.

And now, to bed. :)

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