i’m back, baby!

I’m so excited to be back on the blog! I’ve been invited to speak at a local women’s networking Meetup in the coming months on this very topic, blogging, and I realized I actually have no real right to be teaching this if I’m not actually doing it (duh).

My friend and mentor Kris Britton posted this to Facebook the other day, and I made it the homescreen on my iPhone.

My friend and mentor Kris Britton posted this to Facebook the other day, and I made it the homescreen on my iPhone.

To be fair, I am an active blogger for Art of Seduction and Visions for the Art of Hair, however, I think I need to place a higher priority on my own blogs as well. These past couple weeks have been extraordinary (not always in the best way), as last week, my boyfriend was suddenly rushed into surgery to have his appendix removed. Fortunately, we caught it early, and he is going to make a full recovery, but it definitely disrupted my work flow, as well as my bodily cycles — it took me quite a while to get rested enough to feel like a functioning person again, and I admittedly spent my day today doing not-so-productive things. (I did have a small win, though; I cleaned the kitchen post-dinner party!)

Anyway, this is just me releasing an intention out into the Universe: You’ll see me blogging on the regular from this point forward.

Next week, I’ll be starting a series on money. Not because I’m a millionaire (yet), but because I’ve done a lot of study on habits and mindsets of the wealthy and I’d love to share some of them with you. This is especially important to me because I feel women in particular are expected in our society to just spend whatever they’ve got on the latest thing — believe me, I’ve been there — and I’d like to be an example for anyone in that place. What if I told you ladies out there it’s possible to secure your financial future and still have money to spare on some fun new shoes? Too good to be true? Not for this reformed spender! :)

So stay tuned. I am excited to breathe new life into my blogs! Have a great weekend!

See you soon,

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  1. Glad you’re back on the blogging beat, Pamela, and I hope Anthony makes a speedy recovery! I’ll be very interested to read your blogs about money.

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